Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bucket Lists and the falling rupee

I have discovered a brand New Psychological tool to counter the 'count jumping sheep' tool.

I call it "Bucket List and Mental Pinterest".

It's exactly what it says : It is easy to follow, doesn't distract the user and is still carbon footprint friendly in this day and age!

#You start by getting into soft, happy night-wear

This step is as important as the others because otherwise you can't condition (fool) your body into being happy with an itchy scratchy dress on.
And no, the fancy dress you wore on your date/ soccer mom run and makeup that looked nice 7 hours ago is also a definite No No.

# Now that you are done with the usual  'goodnights, sweet dreams, I love yous' routine, turn onto your favourite comfy side, take a deep breath and then think of the next destination on your Bucket List.

# Well, it's January so you need to have at least a  rough knowledge of Geography as to what the season is in your dreamland. For the purpose of making a point, I'm going to set my sleepy self in London.

# Now come the happy parts:

Pack your mental suitcase : light Pink with Polka dots, fibre body, mid-large size. Yes, you unbelievers, I do own one like that. (rolling eyes).

Tights, leggings,turtle neck tops, couple of basic tees in White, Black and Beige , Paisley printed pants, Hunter_Green Fatigues printed pants, ankle boots, fur lined boots, Owl print socks,jackets, shrugs, scarves, stoles, jewelry and hats.

Pack my toiletries bag :

Creams for winter-burn, rose hand cream, anti-aging face and neck cream, Rose body lotion, Rose exfoliator, ( though if you could pick one up in Sainsbury after you reach there), dry shampoo, also locally obtainable, and tweezers.

If you haven't fallen asleep already, you need my professional help method:

#  Now, create looks and combinations of your outfits, Day-wise.

See What I did there? Bucket List culminates into Mental Pinterest!!!:)

By this time I've fallen asleep too.

Happy, feeling loved, ready to travel,didn't use unnecessary electricity, and too busy sleep-walking on Portobello Road to care about the affordability of my Bucket List with the ever falling Indian Rupee. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

When Life Gives you Melons

  I am known to keep abreast of current events. Mostly it's my breasts that lead the convo or the events. Namely, getting eve-teased about the size of my "assets". Having conversations with men who in turn converse with my top, etc..

Well, to all my Girl Friends and some Men:

A)  Yes, I was always this big.

B) It's a bloody nuisance getting stared at. No I am NOT flattered

C) I don't get pretty lacy bras off the internet. Victoria's Secret eludes me altogether. I wish she shared ;).

D) My Back Hurts!!!

E) Bra-less is not an option

F) Strapless is Rarer than Kristen Stewart's smile

G) Is often my Cup-size: Depending on the few,elite,far-away,expensive brands that run these sizes.

I don't want to go on. It's just making me sad to think of all the dresses and cute crop tops I can't wear.

So! When Life gives you Melons- try Xixili.