Wednesday, January 21, 2015

When Life Gives you Melons

  I am known to keep abreast of current events. Mostly it's my breasts that lead the convo or the events. Namely, getting eve-teased about the size of my "assets". Having conversations with men who in turn converse with my top, etc..

Well, to all my Girl Friends and some Men:

A)  Yes, I was always this big.

B) It's a bloody nuisance getting stared at. No I am NOT flattered

C) I don't get pretty lacy bras off the internet. Victoria's Secret eludes me altogether. I wish she shared ;).

D) My Back Hurts!!!

E) Bra-less is not an option

F) Strapless is Rarer than Kristen Stewart's smile

G) Is often my Cup-size: Depending on the few,elite,far-away,expensive brands that run these sizes.

I don't want to go on. It's just making me sad to think of all the dresses and cute crop tops I can't wear.

So! When Life gives you Melons- try Xixili.

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