Wednesday, July 23, 2008


There was a man from Sink
who lived in a haze of Pink,
from his bell-bottoms to his bows,
from his shirt cuffs to his toes,
He was always all Pink.
Then one day he got a rash
which was pink, like he almost willed it to be,
and when the doctor asked, he couldn't get himself to say he was feeling blue:
So, there he sat in a Pink sweater and hat and answered he felt quite Pink.
To which the doctor gave him Pink Gelusil, when it should've been a stronger pill:
And so, two days later,
He went to his maker,
in a frilly casket of Pink.

Please get familiar with all other colours of the rainbow also huh Hetch?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


That's me and every other Hyderabadi woman who wants to be, but cant. We have like 2 self-sufficient malls(Hyd'bad Central doesn't count), only 1 of which you can go to in a short skirt without getting more than 18 looks.Self-sufficient is: a)escalator, b)clean loos, c) enough variety of stores/boutiques, d) most importantly- Gaming zones.
You thnk toddlers and teens are cheaply entertained? Welcome to the world of 'funcards' @rs 200/-min. Take it or leave with a sad or sobbing kid.
Then even if you have the above, what's a wet baby to do? No changing rooms? I mean we inherit the world from our kids and all that jazz, but by that logic shouldn't we provide our benefactors respectful, changing tables? Instead, where do we clean them? On a big, circular wash basin with 'vitreous' on one side and water stains on the other.
Am I stupid then to put myself through all this for a few hours of window shopping(yeah right! my hubby ain't thhhaaattt lucky)? No, I'm just desperate. The only answer to weekends in Hyd'bad with the above pre-requisites: MALLS.Under-nourishing or repetitive notwithstanding.
So, till the next mirage,City Centre Mall it is.



As you may(should) have noted, I have 2 kids. 1 boy and 1 girl. One is my pride and my soul, the other my heart.Between the 2 of them, they're me. They don't look like me,only the same eyes, but they are just like me. The drama,the quivering lips,the passion for shopping and are they loafers or what?

The hubby:
stable, level-headed, indulgent,rocker,creative, a lil absent-minded(around the home only, if you know what i mean),long-suffering,Sierra-lover(these are a race rising form the dying embers going by the no. of Sierras on Hyderabad roads),and not boring. Not the kind who'll remember to simply buy me flowers("will i say no if you want flowers babe?"), but the kind who'll give me my own credit card. No questions asked. The kind who baby-sat a 20 day old baby and a toddler, so i could get a break from my pregnancy prison. And also the type who would, if he could, buy me a new car every 2 yrs. The disappearing species of fathers that tell a bedtime story everynite. Do i unquestioningly worship him? Is he a saint?. No. But there's NO one else for me.
The Sister:
A live-in sis who aspires. To dance like madhuri, date ishant sharma(get him to file his teeth girl!) and marry John Abraham. A super bike with a music system churning out Bollywood Jhatkas would be her idea of a good wedding gift. A typical spaced out teenager whose idea of helping around the house is to contribute to the decibel levels with the t.v tuned to music channels. A good aunt nonetheless, free babysitter if you must, and a challenge for me to make over!
So, is there anything you don't know about me? yaaaahhaaa. It'll be Levi's(ed) on your eventually.


Since this is my 1st blog, I'm trying to introduce myself, and it's bloody hard! I'm no asmi, but i have so many facets it's serious. i have different aspects that have sub-aspects, some good, others not for guess?ing. but hey, it is my blog! so should i bare it all? or should there be a code? I'll start with the good and if you're good, I'll let you in on the (Victoria's) secret later.
That's me.Totally. there's no such thing as being bogged down by two kids and losing the will to shop. Heck, i take them along too. If nothing else, there's always the Diapers Size M to be bought. well, more on that front later. Can't go on a rave in my 1st intro can I?