Wednesday, July 23, 2008


There was a man from Sink
who lived in a haze of Pink,
from his bell-bottoms to his bows,
from his shirt cuffs to his toes,
He was always all Pink.
Then one day he got a rash
which was pink, like he almost willed it to be,
and when the doctor asked, he couldn't get himself to say he was feeling blue:
So, there he sat in a Pink sweater and hat and answered he felt quite Pink.
To which the doctor gave him Pink Gelusil, when it should've been a stronger pill:
And so, two days later,
He went to his maker,
in a frilly casket of Pink.

Please get familiar with all other colours of the rainbow also huh Hetch?


Hari said...

Huh, dunno. they're all a little blurred now

Hari said...

and there's no pink in the rainbow, by the way!

whatmark said...

a) good one drop dead.

b) ummm, Hari why are you even debating this? i fail to see the connection between you and this color pin... oh wait a second .... are you..? like..? really? is that what you're trying to say?

Kavita said...

actually its not Hari, but the other one with the pink shirt