Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nuddles Anyone?

So, the last time i wore a spaghetti strap top to a 'community' do, i was not surprised to see several heads cluster together for an impromptu "OMG what's she wearing" discussion. Well, all offense meant and none taken.
Now, now people, who has decided that the cut off size for wearing stylishly cut flattering to me outfits have to be size C/D/DD or wotever else there is? I mean seriously, unless one's proportions are spilling over and out into someone else's space, should someone else be bothered?
What further irritated was the "she's a mother of two!!!???!!!" Uh huh. And the number of progeny has a directly proportional effect on the length and breadth and cut of one's dress How?
I mean can the real people, I'm assuming real people are thinkers, please take note that the exposure of the amount of skin between my jaw-line and bosom or my thighs and toes for that matter, does not make or break me. When i stand in trial rooms, my thought is not,"will theses 4 inches of skin make up for my lack of a professional job?"
I just want to dress well, pretty, in a variety of outfits to suit my mood and occasion(occasionally) and to be cheerfully pleasant to be around. Not you wimpy goss mongers, for my husband and my two kids(gasp), and yes, for Myself.


whatmark said...

on behalf of all the men in the world i would like to second you. A woman should be allowed to show as much skin as she wants to.

And really as for having kids and stuff i have only one thing to say: M-I-L-F!


shopdeadgorgeous said...

Thanks Whatmark, coming from you, I'm touched.
All Haris reading this, the above lines have no pun.

Hari said...

ok. The word verification for this comment reads "BRAMANTRA". I'm not kidding at all!

BTW, I'm all for skin man!

Sue said...

true dat!

my trouble: i would show skin if i could buy the right outfits.. these damn branded stores and malls in the city don't carry sizes for the voluptuous woman...

its annoying how their last size would fit my little finger and I dont consider myself overtly obese.

bloody fashion buyers... i would force feed them till they realise what i mean...